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    and snacks

Fresh drinks and snacks

Need to quench your thirst? Or feeling peckish? Our vending machines (equipped with 6-10 rows) offer no less than 300 products for some exceptional snack breaks. Discover a vast selection of drinks which you can pair-up with a tasty bite.

Water and fruit juice
Fizzy drinks
Yoghurt and drinking yoghurt
Cereal and chocolate bars
Biscuits and pastries
Crisps and peanuts

Technical sheet

Up to 70 different products
Contains up to 300 items
Optimal storage temperature of products (drinks at 4 ° C, snacks at 13 ° C)
A+ energy rating

Dimensions :

G-Snack 6

Height : 183 cm
Width : 83 cm
Depth : 84.5 cm
Weight : 275 kg

G-Snack 8

Height : 183 cm
Width : 98 cm
Depth : 84.5 cm
Weight : 310 kg

G-Drink DL9

Height : 190 cm
Width : 122 cm
Depth : 84.5 cm
Weight : 345 kg

Your favorite cold drinks and snacks

From popular chocolates to fruit juices, our vending machines come stocked with over 200 different products to suit your needs. The vending machine can be replenished with the products of your choice from our selected range.