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Our Pre-dosed capped cup

Putting hygiene and convenience first, drinks and soups in pre-dosed capped cups are the ideal fix for whenever you are feeling peckish during the day. These cups contain whichever pick-me-up you choose, whether it’s a comforting drink or a soup.

Pre-dosed capped cups is the ideal solution to access a great range of products, whatever the volumes and wherever you are.

Just add water!

Made from carton or recyclable plastic, these hermetically sealed cups is the best way to store hot contents until they are consumed. Packed with all the necessary ingredients to make a hot drink or soup, all you have to do is add hot water.

Make your selection!

Our wide range of products covers everything from espresso to “chocolate milk praline” and is the ideal solution to get access to various drinks, with a steady supply, no matter where you are.

We are currently working on a range dedicated to individuals for picnics, boat outings and excursions.

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