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We care for your daily well-being

Thanks to the efficiency of its teams and the quality of its materials and products, Ti Break offers its customers a complete and dedicated service. We provide you with state-of-the-art vending machines for free, a wide range of products, as well as flexible payment methods.

We’ll manage your vending machines from A-Z.

We guarantee their installation, resupply and maintenance. You won’t even need to contact us.

In case of technical issues all it takes is a simple call and we’ll be there ASAP (usually within two hours).

Payment methods

Coins or notes

You can pay with coins or notes. Our distributors are equipped to handle both.

Electronic key or card

Payment can also be made using an electronic key or card which can be recharged at the vending machine.

Automatically recharged key or card

Payments can also be made via a card or an electronic key automatically recharged daily, weekly or monthly, by the company.